Mason Jar Candle Holder

I’m starting to develop an obsession with Modge Podge, I love this stuff! I bought an old candle stick holder from Goodwill originally I had painted it white, I was planing on using it for something else. This small mason jar that was left over from an old Christmas project was the perfect size to be attached to the top of the candle stick holder. I got my scrap pattern pieces and some black spray paint and went to work, later adding this black ribbon around the top.


• Candle stick holder
• Spray paint
• Small Mason Jar
• E-6000 glue
• Sewing patterns
• Ribbon
• Hot glue gun & glue
• Sponge paint brush
Mod Podge


Candle stick holder = CSH

1) Spray paint your CSH and let dry

2) Cut out your pattern to fit around the jar.

3) Apply some Mod Podge to the starting point on the jar. Then continue to add more as you go around the jar.

4) Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the entire pattern piece that you just glued on.

5) Let dry.

6) Once your jar is dry use your hot glue gun to glue the ribbon around the top of the jar, a little bit at a time.

7) Once your CSH and jar are dry apply E-6000 around the top of the CSH and attach.

8) Enjoy! :)

Tips and Warnings:

* Always use E-6000 glue in a well ventilated area or use it outside.

* For step 2 I had mine cut at angles then wrapped it back over in different ways instead of just a rectangle piece glued straight across. It’s up to you however you like it.

* For step 6 find where you want the back to be. If there’s a spot on your jar that’s not so pretty let that be your back.

* For step 7 if it doesn’t glue right you can attach it to the bottom of the jar remove it find your circle where the glue is and go over it again to make sure it attaches well to the CSH.

* This can be used as a candle holder or to hold small items. You can use it with or without the lid.

I think it came out better adding the ribbon. What do you think?

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